One of my favorite recordings is “Synchronicity” by The Police.  It’s also a pretty cool feeling when synchronicity is recognized, […]

The Advancement Director’s Schedule

In light of the articles on Advancement over the past couple of weeks, I thought this would be a good […]

HOW Do I Do the Things I Need To Do?

As promised, this week’s installment speaks to another aspect of the “how” to handle Advancement. While last week’s article outlined […]

One Day at a Time

This article is geared to those folks who have the responsibility of “doing it all,” and do not work for […]

BASIQS: A Tool to Assist Your Efforts to Increase Enrollment

This time around, we focus on the “E” aspect of ARMED Framework (which is, by the way, the DREAM Framework, […]

Gather Your School’s Current Families to Stop Mid-Summer Melt

This week’s strategy focuses on retention, which is important during the summer. High temperatures make cold treats like ice cream, […]

Required Summer Reading

Since we’ve just ended another cycle of the five aspects of advancement, here’s this year’s edition of the midsummer nights’ […]

Allocating Financial Aid When There’s No Financial Aid Left to Allocate

Author’s comment:  This article was so popular I turned it into a presentation for several regional conferences a couple of […]

Stay Open!

This week’s entry starts another round of the five elements of advancement – Asset Management, Retention, Marketing, Enrollment and Development.  […]

And On the Seventh Day…

Since another round of articles focusing on the five elements of advancement were completed last week, and since many schools […]