Things We Knew Are New For Others

We hear so many things over and over again that some of them become ingrained in our minds – which […]

Where Are You Going?

The opening line to “By My Side” from the musical “Godspell” is a phrase that comes to mind at the […]

What I Learned In 2021

A number of years ago, I started the tradition of making the last Marketing Matter of the year a compilation […]

SERVICE: The Wants – No, Expectations – of All Customers

This week, we’ve begun the celebration of Christmas.  Oh sure, the department, mall and big box stores along with radio stations started playing […]

Christmastime is Here

Just when it seems you can’t get any busier….you do.  So this “Marketing Matter” won’t be a long one…although it […]

Come to the Manger

Come, come, come to the manger, Children, come to the children’s King; Sing, sing, chorus of angels, Stars of morning, […]

One Step at a Time

It’s been said that the greatest journey begins with a single step…which is also true for marketing your school to parents […]

Beware of Kiosks Bearing Gifts (or, at Least, Gift Cards): An Ode For the Season

Since the radio airwaves are now inundated with holiday music, and you’ll be sick of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” even […]


Practice makes perfect – so the saying goes.  So as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, let us practice saying, “Thank […]

2X2’s Are More Effective Than 2X4’s

For those of you not accustomed to building materials, 2x4s (or two-by-fours) are the basic building component of walls in […]