It’s All About the X(perience) (February 2021 “Next Practice” Insight)

In the PK-12 education vertical today, there is a 15-year span of educational experiences.  Today, those 15 years are broken […]

Build Community at Your School Since It’s A Community – Not a Family (January 2021 “Next Practice” Insight)

It seems that schools are always asking parents to “do” something, or “give” something.  Parents are asked to donate school […]

Estimate Your Enrollment (December 2020 “Next Practice” Insight)

Many of the schools I speak with have had some great successes.  One had an undefeated state championship football team, […]

Financial Aid v Tuition Assistance v Scholarship (November 2020 “Next Practice” Insight)

It’s been said, according to sources which site a Chinese proverb, that “The beginning of wisdom is to call things […]

New Thinking About Change (October 2020 “Next Practice” Insight)

My career in teaching began when I was in 8th grade.  The previous year, a teacher in our school started […]

Incentivize Rather Than Discount (September 2020 “Next Practice” Insight)

Everybody’s looking for ways to save money today.  Clipping coupons from the newspaper, downloading deals from the Internet, and scratching […]

No Fundraising Fees (August 2020 “Next Practice” Insight)

There’s been a recent trend in faith-based and private schools lately which involves charging a “Development Fee” or a “Fundraising […]

Enrollment = Sales (July 2020 “Next Practice” Insight)

In faith-based and private schools today, it seems that there are three primary “excuses” for school shrinkage, merger and closures:  […]

Visionary Leadership, Systems Thinking and The Experience (June 2020 “Next Practice” Insight)

In May, 1996, “Jesus, CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership” by Laurie Beth Jones was published by Hyperion.  The […]

Phonathon? (May 2020 “Next Practice” Insight)

Colleges do it.  Public broadcasting still does it.  Should your K-12 school do it? As schools look for additional sources […]