What I’ve Learned This Year – 2018

One of my strengths (according to a great book called “Teach With Your Strengths”) is “Learner,” so to continue the […]

Go Tell It On The Mountain

Go tell it on the mountain Over the hills and everywhere! I believe in keeping the Marketing Matter of the […]

Come to the Manger

Come, come, come to the manger, Children, come to the children’s King; Sing, sing, chorus of angels, Stars of morning, […]

My Christmas Card to You

Hopefully, you’re seeing that the Marketing Matters for Advent are titles of Christmas Songs.  And you’re probably saying, “I’ve never […]

Five Obstacles Schools Must Overcome To Succeed Today

A few summers ago, I read “The Challenger Sale,” by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson.  It’s based on the premise […]

Do You Hear What I Hear

This is the first of four Marketing Matters for the season of Advent.  Their intent is to help prepare your […]

Your Web Site – Or, More Correctly, Sites

This Marketing Matter is actually a “threefer” – three things in one: an experiment on brain researched as promised several […]

Now is the Acceptable Time

So many times, we forget to do things; other times, there are circumstances that just get in the way of […]

“Systemicity” – Continued

One of the goals of higher learning is to create new knowledge.  In fact, such a concept is the keystone […]

Are There Really Six Secrets of Change?

I usually recommend books when the holiday shopping season gets underway so those who enjoy reading can pick them up […]