This “Next Practice” Insight has a little different format.  Think of it as an essay question, and your answer could help others.

Perhaps you’ve finally come to the realization that your school needs an Advancement Director to help both development and enrollment efforts, but you don’t want to add another staff position to the school’s budget.

Let’s say that your school has 140 students, and they’re currently distributed like this:

Grade Level – Number of Students
K – 22
1 – 16
2 – 16
3 – 16
4 – 16
5 – 17
6 – 18
7 – 5
8 – 14

Next year’s K has 25 students, and everyone else has made a commitment to return for the next school year.  Do you:

a) Celebrate the fact that you’ve increased your enrollment by 11; and hire a new Advancement Director with the additional revenue from the additional number of expected students, or

b) Combine 7th and 8th grade for 1 year so you can possibly shift one of your teachers to be the school’s new advancement director, or, if one of your teachers is planning on leaving due to retirement, hire an Advancement Director, then bring on a new teacher the following year?

Please email your answer to They’ll be shared in a later article.  Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, and each answer may have unintended consequences, so it will be important to share how you would deal with them.

May your and yours have a happy “HolyDay” season, and may we all have a peace-filled new year.