Hopefully, you’ve been a follower of SchoolAdvancement’s articles, and if so, you know that one of the main themes of the site is the importance of systems thinking, as well as the multiple systems at work in your school.  Not only do each of the elements of each system impact each other, but the systemic functioning of the systems impact the entity known as your school.  If that seems difficult to follow, it is.  It’s WAY easier to think linearly, as in “First this, then that,” or even processively, as in “If this, then that.”  A system thinking mantra might be, “Everything, all the time,” since if one element of the system fails, the system fails.

So in the spirit of systems thinking, here’s a rare opportunity to take advantage of an inbound marketing system for your school.  My friend, Brendan Schneider, is offering his Inbound Marketing System at Black Friday/Cyber Monday pricing.  Visit Schneider B University at https://university.schneiderb.com/p/inbound-marketing-inquiry-system/?product_id=1096505&coupon_code=CYBERMONDAY19 for special, limited time pricing.

May you and yours be blessed with a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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