Today is very special day!

Indeed, it is Christmas, but it’s one of those rare times that a 53rd article needs to be published so that the cycle of 52 weekly Advancementality articles can actually be appropriate for the time that they’re published.  Otherwise, today’s greeting would be Happy New Year a week early, and a month from now, Catholic Schools Week’s article would also be a week early.

If you’ve ever done a “weekly” task, and have kept track of the date from year to year, you’ll see that every year, the date moves “forward” one day.  In other words, Christmas last year (2020) was on a Friday, and this year, it’s on a Saturday.

But thing of it this way – last year, Saturday was 12/26.  This year, the Saturday is 12/25.  So if you’re tracking days of the week, the date actually moves backward.  Leap year helps to push it forward every four years, but with seven days in the week, there will come a rare point where there’s an extra 53rd weekly article to move everything back into a logical progression.

What’s really great is that there’s no real topic to cover in terms of Advancement – except that it’s a great day to give thanks for the great gift we’ve all been given on this day over 2,000 years ago.  Christ, our Savior, is born.  May we all follow His example, and worship His holy name.

A blessed, safe and joy-filled Christmas season to you and yours!

© Michael V. Ziemski, SchoolAdvancement, 2021 (Original publication date: 20211225)