Refine Your School’s SOWTS Analysis

In last week’s Advancementality article, I mentioned the importance of having an SWOT or TOWS analysis, and encouraged you to […]

Where Are You Now, Where Do You Want To Be, and How Will You Get There?

In the most simplistic terms, these are the three steps involved in the strategic planning process.  The questions asked in […]

Share Ideas

This week’s entry completes another round of the five aspects of Advancement, focusing on Development. It’s an easy one – […]

Your School’s Responsive Web Sites

Publishing articles once a week about Advancement and “how it works,” I’ve found not only is a mind a terrible […]


One of my favorite recordings is “Synchronicity” by The Police.  I like when synchronicity is recognized.  It happens all the […]

The Advancement Director’s Schedule

In light of the articles on Advancement over the past couple of weeks, I thought this would be a good […]

HOW Do I Do the Things I Need To Do?

As promised, this week’s installment speaks to another aspect of the “how” to handle Advancement. While last week’s article outlined […]

One Day at a Time

This article is geared to those folks who have the responsibility of “doing it all,” and do not work for […]

BASIQS: A Tool to Assist Your Efforts to Increase Enrollment

This time around, we focus on the “E” aspect of ARMED Framework (which is, by the way, the DREAM Framework, […]

Gather Your School’s Current Families to Stop Mid-Summer Melt

This week’s strategy focuses on retention, which is important during the summer. High temperatures make cold treats like ice cream, […]