For those of you that were (or still are) fans of “Star Trek,” you know where that word was spoken […]

NOW Is the Acceptable Time

Last week I promised to show how asset management, retention, marketing, enrollment, and development become especially important as schools begin […]

The Old Woman and Her Pig

(Note: This is the most popular SchoolAdvancement.com article, with more views than any other article over the past 19 years.  […]

You Have to Spend Money to Make Money…But Where Do You Get the Money to Spend?

About a decade or so ago, I adopted a personal motto, and in the spirit of most tag lines of […]

Baby Steps Marketing

Thirteen years ago at this time, experts said the economy was starting to “turn around.” Twelve years ago, they said […]

Events: Are They Really Worth It?

You may recall from reading some of the articles of SchoolAdvancement.com that, as educators, we are all about change!  And […]

Financial Aid and Your School’s Tuition Model

Tuition. Most schools don’t like to talk about it, and most parents don’t like to hear it.  “What does it […]

Surveying Your School’s Parents About “The Experience” of “Their” School

Continuing on from last week, “The Experience” is one of your school’s keys to successful student retention – or should […]

“But Parents With Young Children Aren’t Moving Into My Community”

How many times have we heard about changing demographics, changing economic circumstances and changing attitudes based on the consumer’s experience […]

Publication and Placement For Your School’s “Remarkable”/”Distinctive” Qualities

Can you guess the two key places where you need to publish your school’s remarkable qualities? If you said 1) […]