Plans are being made for to be converted to a membership site.  There will be a free membership and a paid membership.  There are three reasons for this change.

  1. I know who will have access to the articles I’ve written.  Currently, you’ll note that one cannot “right click” the articles to copy them nor get to the source code.  This was enabled since there had been some of the content I created appearing on other sites on the Internet with no citation as to where the material came from.
  2. The site has been under attack from hackers, as most sites are today.  A membership service layer adds another level of protection of the content, and keeps subscribers off the site and in another secure location.
  3. There will be some tools that have been developed available exclusively for paid memberships.

This also means that will become part of a larger system of resources for faith-based and tuition-charging schools.

Podcasts will also be created, since everyone today doesn’t have time to read, but they love to use their technology to listen – to music, to books, to other podcasts.  Then, if there’s an interest that’s piqued, the Web site will be here for referencing.  I’ve always thought that in marketing, it was great to hear something, and then access the Internet to find out more.  It seems that podcasters just get their podcasts published, and don’t provide additional details or transcriptions for referencing.  It creates a system, but also allows for an effective process to take place.

Thanks again for being a visitor to!