The Enrollment Estimator TM

You can use the following Enrollment Estimator forms to plan your enrollment for the coming school year.  It is strongly suggested that you use the “test for validity” forms to see if tool will give you an accurate reading based on your current school year enrollment.  Remember, that a most accurate estimate will occur if your school has not experienced significant changes within the last six years, such as reorganization, merger, or even the departure of a long-time administrator.  These changes have been known to significantly impact enrollment, but it is hoped that with this tool, you can establish a target for your school and then work toward achieving that goal.

Simply select the link which describes the grade structure of your school.  Note that there are no PreK grades listed, as a PreK program in a school should be an income generator for the school.  Because public schools do not have PreK programs mandated by state education departments, they are excellent recruitment programs for your school’s kindergarten.

Each file has four worksheets in it, which can be accessed by clicking the tab at the bottom of the page.  The first page is a sample, followed by two pages to test with your schools previous two years to test for potential accuracy, then the Enrollment Estimator for 2020-2021 school year.  Please complete the first two test worksheets to see how the estimator would have determined your enrollment for the past two years.  If it is within 5 students, you should be able to use the tool for the coming school year quite accurately.  If it is more than 5 students, compensate by making the appropriate adjustment to your projected enrollment.

If you’ve used the Enrollment Estimators in past years, you’ll recall that these were Excel spreadsheets that you could download or use online.  In order to remove them from an outdated SQL database, they’re now posted as shared Google documents.  If you want to open them as Excel files, please download the appropriate file for your school to your computer.

If you have any questions regarding the use of these estimators, please send an email to

Elementary K-5

Elementary K-6

Elementary K-8

Secondary 6-12

Secondary 7-12

Secondary 9-12