Self-authored publications pertinent to the purpose of SchoolAdvancement are listed below with the most recent addition first, and listed alphabetically in the dropdown navigation from the main site.  You’ll note that some of these articles are a number of years old; yet, they’re extremely pertinent to today’s discussions regarding how to build a firm financial foundation for your school.  If you discover a link that’s non-functional, please send it to [email protected], and thanks!

The Experience – It’s all about the experience…not just experience.

The Marketing Origin (or, Pieces of a DREAM) – How are elements of the DREAM (Development/Retention/Enrollment/Asset Management/Marketing) framework related to one another?  In truth, every aspect impacts every aspect.  In terms of the process that’s created, however, two images are offered.  Math majors will like this one.

Marketing IS Education – Think you can’t “do” marketing?  After all, isn’t that a business major?  And you were an education major, right?  Think of it this way – the business major focuses on how marketing affects business (market share, branding, positioning, etc.).  While that’s important, an educator has the background to realize HOW and WHY marketing works. As long as you can write a lesson plan, you can write a marketing plan.

You’re Doing it Backwards (and That’s a GOOD Thing) – What’s the best way to teach a child?  Inductively?  Deductively?  What’s the best way to teach an adult?  If you’re going to design curriculum to achieve a desired outcome, do you start at the beginning?  Is it, like the song from “The Sound of Music” says, a “very good place to start?”  Or, do we start, as Steven R. Covey say, with “The end in mind,” and work backwards?

We’re On a Mission From God – Too many people think development and fundraising are synonymous.  Raising money is actually the last step of a process that begins with marketing, and allows the advancement cycle to continue.  While raising necessary funds are important, an openness toward community involvement and cooperation, a clear and compelling vision, and a keen awareness of mission is needed for development efforts to succeed.