If you’ve been a follower of SchoolAdvancement, you know that one of its goals is to foster systems thinking as the way to think through problems to solutions.  As educators, we’re trained by linear thinking (first/next) which evolves into process thinking (if/then).  Process thinking is the basis of all research, computer programming, and even Artificial Intelligence.  However, as individuals, we are not just individuals.  We are part of a system called society.  Even our bodies are not simply our bodies, but the body is a complex arrangement of systems, where a small issue with one component of one of the systems can have a detrimental effect on another entire system.

With that in mind, the ARMED Framework of SchoolAdvancement is just one of five systems at work in your school.   The other four are represented by the acronyms SIGNS, TEACH, FACTS and FAITH.  This section of SchoolAdvancement will highlight these components for easy reference, as well as serve as an introduction to future projects.  The logo will be explained here, since it relates to a linear alignment of the elements for SchoolAdvancement’s ARMED Framework as well!