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Just as things are constantly changing in our post-pandemic world, you may have noticed some changes to  A monthly “Good to Know” article is now published on the 1st of the month, and the posting of the ARMED articles has changed!

Advancementality articles are published every Saturday morning, and Marketing Matters are published every Monday afternoon.

On the first Tuesday, Development articles are published, followed by Enrollment on the second Wednesday, and Asset Management on the third Thursday

Tetrahedronics articles are now published every Friday.

Eventually, access to the ARMED articles will require a free membership to the  The Good to Know, Tetrahedronics and Advancementality articles will still be accessible without membership.

The weekly iZine has been discontinued after software providers changed their policies regarding subscriptions, and the Facebook Page and Twitter/X account have been deleted because of continued hacking attempts.  The articles are now shared in the SchoolAdvancement Facebook group, which will also be a place for discussions.

In the near future, the Facebook group will be part of the Premium Membership since it will become a discussion platform, and a new weekly eNewsletter will be published highlighting previews of the weekly articles.  This will be published on Sundays with the articles from the previous Monday, Friday and Saturday, as well as other education-based articles you may find interesting.  It will require opting-in to receive it, and will be part of the membership to the SchoolAdvancement site.

There is also a series of 14 Change Management articles, but they have been moved to a new site that’s currently under construction, and podcasts will eventually be added to this site.  Other sites under construction include a learning site, as well as a site where “fractional services” will be offered.