Publications pertinent to the purpose of SchoolAdvancement by other authors are listed below with the most recent addition first, and all articles are listed alphabetically in the dropdown navigation from the main site.  You’ll note that some of these articles are a number of years old; yet, they’re extremely pertinent to today’s discussions regarding how to build a firm financial foundation for your school.  If you discover a link that’s non-functional, please send it to [email protected], and thanks!

In Praise of the Purple Cow (from Fast Company Magazine, January 2003) – Author and marketing guru Seth Godin examines the principle of “remarkabilty” as a key component of “marketability.”

Change or Die (from Fast Company Magazine, May 2005) – You may wonder why this is included here, but after reading it, consider that any type of “sales” decision for any expensive item is based on emotion – not logic.  A “compelling vision” must be presented to achieve the desired result.

“Renewing Our Commitment to Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools in the Third Millennium” (Published in 2005 by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Inc.) – The Bishops of the United States restate their support for Catholic schools, emphasizing the need for inspired and inventive solutions to the challenges facing Catholic schools today.