The Five Systems of Your School – Part 5: FAITH

This last system was an interesting one to find.  As I’ve said in my “3 leads to 4 leads to […]

The Five Systems of Your School – Part 4: TEACH

I begin some of my presentations with a line that alludes to the classic closing lines of Sesame Street: “This […]

The Five Systems of Your School – Part 3: SIGNS

The first two articles in this series dealt with the two systems most frequently talked about in schools.  The first […]

The Five Systems of Your School – Part 2: ARMED (Previously DREAM)

Before getting into this second system, a bit of “forward promotion.”  The five systems of your school will be highlighted […]

The Five Systems of Your School – Part 1: FACTS

This is the first of five posts that describes the five systems at work in your faith-based or private school. […]

The Need for Five

Steve Jobs said a person can only hold 3 ideas in their mind at the same time. A few people […]

Why “Tetrahedronics?”

“Quintelemental” (or “Pentelemental”) is an adjective.  To effectively describe the need for five elements within every system, a noun is […]

Quintelemental Systems

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names” – Chinese proverb Since new knowledge requires new […]

5 Wishes For Your New Year!

In the spirit of “pentelemental” systems thinking – that is, any successful system has to have at least five elements […]

Tetrahedronics: Metasystems Thinking (or, Systems Thinking About Systems Thinking)

It seems that everyone has a “system” these days. From Stephen R. Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” to […]