Many schools group Enrollment and Retention into a single category, and may have a committee that focuses on Enrollment.  It’s important to delineate the two processes since the strategies associated with Enrollment, that is, enrolling more children in your school, are different from those associated with Retention, which focus on keeping parents engaged with your school.

There are no articles specifically regarding Retention on this site, even though it is one of the two things you can right now as a school leader to solidify your school’s enrollment.  Initially, a white paper was created on the topic, with 5 retention strategies.  That expanded to 12, and the plan was to have each explained in an article per month.  However, doing so would leave out the necessary introductory framework to explain the power of this overlooked element.  Therefore, the additional strategies and the existing white paper were combined to create a text on the topic.  It can be accessed by visiting this link.