Here you’ll find the forms you need to help jump-start your enrollment efforts for the coming school year! You may want to print this page for quick reference.

Enrollment Estimators:

The Enrollment Estimators for the next school year are prepared during the first part of October.  Since most schools submit their official enrollments to their respective State’s Department of Education based on enrollment present in the school on October 1st, the Enrollment Estimators for the following school year are modified at the beginning of the month.  The Enrollment Estimators are Excel (.xlsx) files.

Visit the Enrollment Estimators page by visiting this link, and then select which estimator you would like to use as appropriate for your school.  When you find the appropriate Enrollment Estimator for your school, choose “download” and/or “save” it – preferably to your Desktop for easy access.

Each Enrollment Estimator has four spreadsheets. The first is a sample of how it will look when all the data is entered. The second and third are a little different in format, and allow you to input data from past years so that you can compare the accuracy of the tool’s estimates with the actual enrollment for your past two school years. If these tests show estimated enrollments are within 5 students, then your projection for the coming school year should be within that margin of error. If your enrollment test figures are outside that range, then adjust your estimate accordingly. For instance, if your last two years showed 10 students less than what the Enrollment Estimator (TM) estimated, then the “Figure on Which to Base Your Budget” would be 10 students lower. When you input how many students you’d like to have in the school to determine a target figure for next year’s kindergarten, you’d have to increase that resultant kindergarten figure by 10 students to give you a realistic projection of your school’s enrollment.

Tracking Forms:

Visit this link for the Prospective Family Contact Form. You may have to right click it and save it to your computer. It’s a .pdf file, so you’ll need an appropriate program, such as Adobe Reader or Acrobat, or Nitro PDF, to open it.  If you need to install Adobe Reader on your computer, visit this link.

You’ll also want to download the suggested follow-up timeline, which provide a schedule regarding when to contact the family with additional information and content to deepen the relationship between your school and the family of the prospective student.  Download the suggested timeline by visiting this link.


Visit this link to download the Scoreboard form. The document is a Microsoft Word document with three embedded Excel spreadsheets. To open the spreadsheets, click them once to select them, then double-click the selected form to open them. Clicking outside the form will close them and return the document to a printable Microsoft Word document. Be sure to return the scroll bars in the Excel document to their initial position for proper display.