Make a Wish (List)

“How can I help you?” We hear that phrase routinely today in our service-oriented society. We hear it (or some […]

Out Of Office

Lou Holtz, the famous coach of the Notre Dame football team, had a three-point strategy for success for his players. […]

Today’s Proper Utilization of Social Media

“Things are different today…” – From “Mother’s Little Helper” by the Rolling Stones Indeed, if things were different in the […]

Scaffolding and Co-operative Marketing

Scaffolding is an educational term – the processes of building new knowledge based on concepts that have already been learned. […]

Mentor Families

This is the second in a series of three Marketing Matters designed to help build and strengthen the community known […]

The “Back To School” Picnic

This is the first of three Marketing Matters that will focus on building community in your school. “Community” is defined […]

Let Donors Give the Way They Want to Give

While this may seem like a Development Tip more than a Marketing Matter, it’s an important matter to remember for […]

The Face of Your School

Fifteen years ago, in an article similar to this one, I stated that more and more parents and guardians of […]

Seek Outside Sources For Funds

When I worked for a Diocesan schools’ office, and people asked what I did there, I told them, “Marketing and […]

Fill Every Desk

By now, you’ve certainly heard of a tuition strategy which a number of tuition-charging schools throughout the country have employed, […]