Parents Talk With Parents, Kids Talk With Kids

One of, if not THE, most powerful marketing strategies is “Word of Mouth” Marketing. Recent research shows that the two […]

You’re Invited!

As we begin the last quarter of another school year, this seems to be the time when things are heating […]

The Difference Between Pride and, Well, Pride. Same Goes For a School’s Slogan and Its Motto

Pride is one of the seven deadly sins.  In fact, it’s the first one that’s listed, and according to the […]

Weekly, Monthly, or Annual Donors – Which Would You Rather Have?

As we continue to press onward into the 21st century, being pushed (sometimes dragged) by the advances of technology, those […]

The “Don’t” List

Harry Callahan, as portrayed by Clint Eastwood in “Magnum Force,” said, “A man’s gotta know his limitations.” And yes, we […]

Personalization is Key to Effective Communication

About fifteen years ago, the move toward “personalization” was in full swing. National magazine publishers began selling different editions of […]

Electronic Alumni Communities

Time was when you could create your own online community through services like or Remember those? That was […]

PreK Programs

If the application process is in full swing for your school, it’s helpful to consider the effect a Pre-Kindergarten program […]

Free Samples

Research shows that companies offering consumers free samples of their product have a very high chance of attracting new customers. […]

Weekly School Masses

As another Catholic Schools Week is in the history books, I was reminded of a Catholic school’s particular events for […]