The Goal of Marketing is NOT to Increase Enrollment

It’s my hope that when you read the title of this Marketing Matters column, you’ve said, “What? Then what is […]

Put the System in Place

One of the presentations I’ve given to schools and groups of school administrators over the past few years was titled […]

Sign Up For a Virtual Tour of Your School

Isn’t it amazing how fast the rate of change continues to increase?  Just when we think technology has come to […]

If I’ve Told You Once…

…I’ve told you a thousand times!! Remember when our parents said that to us?  They were our first teachers, in […]

Budget and Envelope

Let’s see a show of hands… How many of you have started working on your school’s budget for the 2021-2022 […]

One Approach to Increase Enrollment

About 15 years ago now, the Catholic high schools of a local Diocese were given a directive to hire admissions […]

Get Acquainted Day

Now that October is here, it’s time to start planning your Open House events. Actually, it’s kind of late to […]

Lead With Your Strengths

If you’ve ever played the card game Bridge (does anyone play Bridge anymore?), you know a common “tip” is to […]

We Are Not Alone

September, October and November are full of milestones and watershed moments.  These three months are some of the busiest months […]

Is Your School a “Family,” or a “Community?”

If you’ve been a regular visitor to, you may know the answer to this one.  Yes, there is a correct answer.  […]