Double Your School’s Enrollment

Let’s see a show of hands…how many of you would like to double the enrollment at your school? That would […]

If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words…

How many of you remember those words as the first line of the song “If” by David Gates and Bread?  […]

Stick It

In our pre-Covidian world, this would have been hockey playoff season.  “Stick handling” is one of the key skills that […]

Word of Mouth Marketing – Part 2

You know that the most powerful marketing strategy is Word of Mouth.  Not only is it the most effective, it’s the […]

Mission, Vision and Case: Three Statements For You to Review

I’ve spoken with some schools that have said the past few Marketing Matters have been a bit bolder than they […]

Change…or DIE: Part 2

Since the article “Change or DIE” was the cover story of FAST COMPANY Magazine fifteen years ago, perhaps we should […]

Change…or DIE!

About fifteen years ago, one of the principals’ meetings in the Diocese for which I was working at the time […]

Virtual Tours and Open Houses

Five years ago, the Marketing Matters article published at this time spoke to a strategy to market your school AND […]

Metadata for Your School’s Web Site

Fifteen years ago at this time, the marketing tip to schools was, “Get a Web site,” since if they were […]

March Madness

Remember when they announced that the NCAA Tournament would be cancelled this year due to the coronavirus worldwide pandemic?  It […]