Feeling Overwhelmed?

February is seen by the rest of the world as the last full month of Winter.  Five years ago (2015), […]

Think Fast!

Even though some communities of our country are experiencing a tremendous cold wave, this has been a time of celebration!  […]

Marketing is a “Medium-Term” Strategy

Many schools have begun to realize that there are two things a school must do to ensure a long-term viability […]

6 Myths of Creativity and The Hardball Mindset

No, it’s not the title of recording by an alternative rock group.  They’re two articles from past issues of FAST […]

Remember My Name

This Marketing Matter could have had several song titles – “Who Are You?”  “Try To Remember” “What’s Your Name?” – […]

I Have a DREAM

As we celebrate Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, let’s recall some “connected” events which happened during a 13 month span in […]

Creativity = Connecting Two Unconnected Ideas

A new year means new possibilities, and new possibilities require new ideas.  Ten years ago, headlines in USA Today (January […]

Don’t Knock the Competition

The adage is different in every business…. don’t roll anyone under the bus…live by the book, die by the book…but […]

What I’ve Learned This Year: 2019

As has become the tradition, the last Marketing Matter of the year is a compilation of what I’ve learned since […]

“It’s How Much? You’ve Got To Be Kidding!”

If you’ve been shopping for holiday gifts this year, no doubt you’ve found some fantastic bargains, and then somehow, you […]