Practice makes perfect – so the saying goes.  So as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, let us practice saying, “Thank […]

2X2’s Are More Effective Than 2X4’s

For those of you not accustomed to building materials, 2x4s (or two-by-fours) are the basic building component of walls in […]

How Do You Know That? (or, The Importance of Tracking)

Let’s say you have one of the nicest brochures you’ve ever created, and order 500 to be printed.  You send […]

Open Houses…With Security Doors. An Oxymoron?

Certainly NOT! Research shows the three most common reasons offered as to why parents choose a Catholic School education for […]

Five Steps to a Marketing Mindset

(Adapted from The Non-Profit Times weekly newsletter, 2006, article #2739) While the term “marketing” may still be misunderstood, and may […]

Good Things Happen Little By Little; Great Things Happen All At Once

As an educator, metacognition fascinates me.  Metacognition can be defined as “Cognition about cognition,” or “Knowing about knowing.  Realizing that “learning” comes before […]

Sell the Salivation – Not the Sizzle, and Not the Steak

Did he just use the “S” word?  First of all, which “S” word would that be? Indeed, “sell” is not […]


It’s been said that the best place to place your school’s marketing brochures (yes, even with the Internet and your […]

Meet the Parents

This week’s “Marketing Matter” comes from a former Principal of a school in Southwestern Pennsylvania: “In the morning, I go outside when […]

School’s Open (or, Practice What You Preach)

Even though the new school year has begun, signs posted on roadsides alert parents that “It’s not too late to […]