What I’ve Learned This Year: 2020

As has become the tradition, the last Marketing Matter of the year is a compilation of what I’ve learned since […]

The Half-Way Point

Happy New Year (a couple of days early)! If you’re the administrator of a faith-based school, you actually have 3 […]

3 Questions to Think About During the Christmas Season…OK, 5 Questions

Why 5?  Simply because 3 leads to 4 leads to 5 – and it’s the fifth element that’s necessary to […]

December: Customers Will Pay for Great “Experiences”

I love visiting with schools, and participating in some lively discussions about how the rising cost of tuition has affected […]


For those of you that were (or still are) fans of “Star Trek,” you know where that word was spoken […]

Estimate Your Enrollment (December 2020 “Next Practice” Insight)

Many of the schools I speak with have had some great successes.  One had an undefeated state championship football team, […]

December: Talk About Your School’s Tuition Differently Than You Currently Do

Here’s a typical phone conversation at any faith-based or private school.  Perhaps you’ve had it happen at yours: “Thank you […]

Planning for Catholic and Christian School Celebration Events in 2021

Advent is a season of preparation.  But I will bet you anything that if you lead a Catholic school or a […]

NOW Is the Acceptable Time

Last week I promised to show how asset management, retention, marketing, enrollment, and development become especially important as schools begin […]

The 5 Why’s – Determining the Root Cause

If you’ve been a visitor to SchoolAdvancement, you’ll know that according to systems thinking pioneer Peter Senge, a complete system […]