The Five Systems of Your School – Part 4: TEACH

I begin some of my presentations with a line that alludes to the classic closing lines of Sesame Street: “This […]

Wisdom, Serenity, Chaos and Timing

This week’s Marketing Matter (TM) deals with these four items, which, at first glance, could be difficult to connect to […]


One of my favorite recordings is “Synchronicity” by The Police.  I like when synchronicity is recognized.  It happens all the […]

August: Why Development is Like the Stock Market

As we’ve seen in the past few years, the stock market can be at its all-time high on a particular […]

Good to Great Revisited

Remember the book, “Good To Great” by Jim Collins, which was published in 2001?  The complete title is, “Good to […]

The Advancement Director’s Schedule

In light of the articles on Advancement over the past couple of weeks, I thought this would be a good […]

Enroll, Apply, Register – It’s All the Same, Right?

I guess I could just say, “Nope,” and leave it at that, since there are distinct differences between all three […]

HOW Do I Do the Things I Need To Do?

As promised, this week’s installment speaks to another aspect of the “how” to handle Advancement. While last week’s article outlined […]

Baby Steps Marketing: Step 3 of 3

Last week’s Marketing Matters article outlined a four-step program to begin a relationship with parents of newly Baptized children in the […]

July: Market Your School’s Hourly Rate

There are two ways most schools post their tuition on their respective Web sites, and frankly, both ways can turn […]