Baby Steps Marketing

Twelve years ago at this time, experts said the economy was starting to “turn around.” Eleven years ago, they said […]

Plan a Year Ahead

Let’s see a show of hands…how many of you still wait until the end of January to begin your marketing […]

November: Budgeting for Credit Card Fees

For some schools, one of the many benefits of using a tuition management provider is so the school does not […]

Events: Are They Really Worth It?

You may recall from reading some of the articles of that, as educators, we are all about change!  And […]

November: Your School’s Enrollment Director

If your school doesn’t have one, it’s no wonder your school may be losing enrollment.  When there’s someone responsible for […]

Parents Talk With Parents – Part 3

In “Parents Talk With Parents – Part 2,” the proposed title was “Parents Talk With Parents, Kids Talk With Kids, […]

Financial Aid and Your School’s Tuition Model

Tuition. Most schools don’t like to talk about it, and most parents don’t like to hear it.  “What does it […]

The 5 Things One Needs in Life to Succeed – Part 2

Last month’s Tetrahedronics article detailed the 5 things one needs to succeed – a mentor, students, supporters, passion and dedicated […]

Publics Relations

Before you jump to emailing to say that I’ve spelled “Public Relations” incorrectly, let me say I’ve accomplished two goals.  […]

November: The Importance of the Invitation…and Giving “Thanks”

A national company that works to assist schools and churches with their Development and Stewardship efforts defines Development like this: […]