“Learning Curves” Sessions for Parents of Prospective Students

This idea came from a principal at a Catholic school in upstate New York.  While giving her “State of the School” report, […]

It’s Less Expensive To Reinforce a Brand Than To Create a New One – Especially Since You Don’t Create Your Brand Anymore

This week’s article rounds out another group of five of the ARMED elements (Asset Management, Retention, Marketing, Enrollment and Development). […]

Double Your School’s Enrollment

Let’s see a show of hands…how many of you would like to double the enrollment at your school? That would […]

Ask – Even In Difficult Times – And Feel Good About It!

This week’s emphasis is on the “D” for Development as we go through another round of ARMED aspects of Advancement. […]

May: Balance Your Tuition’s Cost and Market Bases

Market Bases?  Tuition’s Cost?  What do those phrases mean? We use lots of phrases in school leadership today which we […]

If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words…

How many of you remember those words as the first line of the song “If” by David Gates and Bread?  […]

Retain Families By Assigning Them a Mentor Family

Leaders of faith-based schools know the drill all too well: parents show interest in your school, pay their non-refundable registration […]

May: Open House Means Open House – and Now, That Means Videos

Please Note:  This article may not be appropriate for actions to be taken right now during the COVID-19 pandemic, but […]

Stick It

In our pre-Covidian world, this would have been hockey playoff season.  “Stick handling” is one of the key skills that […]

The Five Systems of Your School – Part 1: FACTS

This is the first of five posts that describes the five systems at work in your faith-based or private school. […]