Five Steps to a Marketing Mindset

(Adapted from The Non-Profit Times weekly newsletter, 2006, article #2739) While the term “marketing” may still be misunderstood, and may […]

“But Parents With Young Children Aren’t Moving Into My Community”

How many times have we heard about changing demographics, changing economic circumstances and changing attitudes based on the consumer’s experience of […]

October: Stop Charging Late Fees

Over the past 13 years, I’ve spoken to hundreds of school leaders.  During that time, a handful of schools told […]

Good Things Happen Little By Little; Great Things Happen All At Once

As an educator, metacognition fascinates me.  Metacognition can be defined as “Cognition about cognition,” or “Knowing about knowing.  Realizing that “learning” comes before […]

Publication and Placement For Your School’s “Remarkable”/”Distinctive” Qualities

Can you guess the two key places where you need to publish your school’s remarkable qualities? If you said 1) […]

October: Your School Needs an Automated Follow-Up Process

It was only until very recently that there were still a number of faith-based and private schools which still had […]

Sell the Salivation – Not the Sizzle, and Not the Steak

Did he just use the “S” word?  First of all, which “S” word would that be? Indeed, “sell” is not […]

Linear Thinking Can Lead to Uncontrolled Growth

Before reading any further, please re-read the title of this article, and think to yourself – is this a good […]

Prepare Your School’s Marketing Materials

Now that you’ve determined the three to five traits that make your school “remarkable,” or, perhaps, “distinctive,” in the minds […]

October: CHANGE Continued

Someone once told me, “Be careful what you wish for; you may get it.”  Some schools throughout the nation are […]