Small Potatoes

Some time ago, I heard a story that deals more with Stewardship that it does Marketing, but it’s good to […]

What Makes Your School Not Just “Different,” But “Remarkable?”

Now that you know what your school’s strengths are, the next step is marketing them to the community. While that […]

September: Your School’s New Revenue Timeline Means Your Budgeting Process Starts Next Month

If you’re used to starting to work on your school’s budget for the following school year after the holiday/winter break, […]

Make a Wish (List)

“How can I help you?” We hear that phrase routinely today in our service-oriented society. We hear it (or some […]

Lead With Your Strengths…Or, More Correctly, Lead TO Your Strengths

Now that you’re aware of your school’s strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats and have reviewed your strengths again, it’s time […]

September: Your School Needs an Enrollment Funnel System

So many times, the Lord takes us down roads where we wonder, “Why am I here?”  With a degree in […]

Out Of Office

Lou Holtz, the famous coach of the Notre Dame football team, had a three-point strategy for success for his players. […]

ARMED Goals Refined

Last month’s post about ARMED goals seemed to hit upon some nerves…which is a good thing!  It’s only when “disruption” […]

Refine Your School’s SOWTS Analysis

In last week’s Advancementality article, I mentioned the importance of having an SWOT or TOWS analysis, and encouraged you to […]

Today’s Proper Utilization of Social Media

“Things are different today…” – From “Mother’s Little Helper” by the Rolling Stones Indeed, if things were different in the […]