Tetrahedronics: Systems Thinking for Education

Before starting back into articles that deal with systems thinking, a contact at a school recently asked why I call […]

The Five Essential Elements of a Christian School

Several years ago, I attended a regional meeting of schools that are members of the Association of Christian Schools International […]

Five Steps to Successful Process Improvement

There is a famous quotation attributed to Albert Einstein that goes, “We cannot solve problems by using the same kind […]

The Pentatonic Scale

Irony: Recent research proves that music education improves the brain’s preparedness for all education because it makes both sides of […]

The Five Types of Work

What is the purpose of a school? The answers span the gamut, from learning for learning’s sake, providing the education […]

The System of Memory (or, Thinking About Thinking)

If you have a computer, you have a filing system – whether you know it or not. If you’re a […]

Once a System is Up and Running, It’s Difficult to Stop

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can’t fight the system.”  Well, the truth is you can, but for the majority […]

“Everything in Moderation” Means Your Desk Is Going To Be a Mess

Before getting into this month’s article, a comment about last months, “We May Know What We Want to Do, But […]

We May Know What We Want to Do, But Do We Know What We Need To Do?

When I was an adjunct professor, one of my students in my Web design class asked me to define “creative,” […]

A 1 To 1 Initiative

You’re probably thinking this is going to have something to do with computers for each child in the classroom, BYOD, […]