Financial Aid Can Be a Powerful Marketing Tool For Your School

Scripture tells us, “To everything, there is a season, a time for every purpose under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 3:1).  You […]

July: Market Your School’s Hourly Rate

T There are two ways most schools post their tuition on their respective Web sites, and frankly, both ways can […]

One Day at a Time

This article is geared to those folks who have the responsibility of “doing it all,” and do not work for […]

July: Let ‘Em In

Sir Paul McCartney performed in concert in Los Angeles a couple of nights ago as the last night of his […]

Who Makes Up Your School’s Target Market, and When Do You Start Marketing to Them?

This Marketing Matter is a little different, in that the answer to the question posed above differs depending on which […]

BASIQS: A Tool to Assist Your Efforts to Increase Enrollment

This time around, we focus on the “E” aspect of ARMED Framework (which is, by the way, the DREAM Framework, […]

The Five Types of Relationships You Have on Earth

A couple of months ago, the Tetrahedronics article was titled, “The Five People You Need in Your Life.”  It described […]

Make Sure Your Web Site Has Landing Pages That Capture Visitor Information

Some schools I visit STILL ask how important is their Web site.  Let me clear about this.  If you can […]

Gather Your School’s Current Families to Stop Mid-Summer Melt

This week’s strategy focuses on retention, which is important during the summer. High temperatures make cold treats like ice cream, […]

July: Thinking About Systems, Change, Acronyms, and Preparing the Plan

As we move forward, we continue to witness unprecedented change in our world.  Three years ago, the people of Great […]