This has been quite a week, hasn’t it?  The week we Celebrate Catholic Schools is capped off by Groundhog Day (where the little critter tells us that Spring is just around the corner after a deep freeze that cancelled many Catholic Schools Week activities), and then there was that football game that everyone makes a really big deal out of.

Now, it’s time to regroup. If you’re affiliated with a Catholic School, you’ve been preparing for a week of activities, open houses, special prayer and worship events, and a good dose of fun to Celebrate Catholic Schools. Then, the weather doesn’t cooperate, but instead brings ice storms, snow squalls and frigid temperatures across the country, resulting in the cancellation of events causing frustration and disappointment. As we return to our day-to-day routines, there’s mail that’s piled up, reports that need to be compiled, and phone calls that need to be returned. Maybe you’ve got a lot on your plate right now, and you’re looking around and saying, “What do I do first?”  If so, this Marketing Matter has special significance for you.

I don’t usually like to suggest a starting point, since a starting point is the first step of a process.  I’m more of a “systems” thinker, and like to work on a little bit of everything that needs to get done, rather than doing reports first, then getting to the mail, then, when that’s all done, then only returning phone calls.

But since many folks just need a place to start to get them going, here’s what you do first.


It’s not only a great way to start the day, but to start any meeting, as prayer is the power that pulls all things together.  And, “We know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

This week, as preparations for the 19-20 school year get into full swing with financial aid requests, admission applications and budget preparations, let’s remember why we do what we do.  When we do, we have to invite God to be a part of it.

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