Practice makes perfect – so the saying goes.  So as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, let us practice saying, “Thank You” for whatever gift we are given.  Everything is a gift from God.

It also helps to remember that whenever we start anything new, we have to practice before we become adept at it, whether it be a musical instrument, a sport, or an activity at work.  In the words of the late Fred Rogers (yes, that “MisterRogers”), “Everything Grows Together” isn’t the only piece of advice he provides.  He also says, “Everything takes practice” (from his song, “You’ve Got to Learn Your Trade”).

PRACTICE also provides steps to creating a Marketing plan:

P – Pray
R – Research
A – Assimilate Resources
C – Create
T – Test
I – Implement
C – Communicate
E – Evaluate and Adjust

Note how there are three steps that are necessary before the plan is initially created.  (Hmm – “Three Steps.”  That reminds me of another song…by Lynyrd Skynyrd.)

As you continually repeat this process, you may find that you need to get CREATIVE rather than PRACTICE.  PRACTICE is a good process to utilize when you’re first starting out along this journey.  As you progress, the steps represented by the word CREATIVE materialize, since the first three steps of PRACTICE (Pray, Research, Assimilate Resources) become second nature and are done constantly, rather than when only beginning a new project.

Getting CREATIVE is the 12th step of the 12-step plan to marketing your school for enrollment growth as described in  “Marketing: A 12-Step Plan to Increase Inquiries to Your School.”  You can order your copy at

May you and yours be blessed with a safe and happy Thanksgiving!  Indeed, we have so much to be thankful for!!

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