Since another round of articles focusing on the five elements of advancement were completed last week, and since many schools have completed another school year (or will be in a few weeks), it’s time to rest for a while.

You need to.

Rest recharges your batteries (better than a 5-hour energy shot), takes your mind off work, lets you focus on your faith and your family, and, interestingly, makes the opportunity for creativity to flower and flow.

Did you ever notice that you get some of your best ideas in the shower in the morning? Perhaps right before you fall asleep at night? That’s because your mind isn’t focused on the task at hand, multi-tasking or stressing out over either of those, and your subconscious is free to come up with creative ideas before the conscious mind kicks in and goes, “But you don’t have time for that now…”

Here’s something you might want to do – keep a notepad in the bathroom AND another one next to the bed. Write that great idea down…then come back to it later. Or leave yourself a voice message on your handheld computer (which some folks still call a mobile phone) since it’s probably your alarm clock now too.

So take a well deserved rest, especially after all the changes you’ve gone through this year!  If you’re school year’s not quite over, however, this is NOT the time to rest, and more ways to advance advancement will start again next week!

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