Today’s Marketing Matter is a simple one – get ready.

I’ll bet that sounds pretty strange since we’ve spent Advent preparing for Christmas.  Today’s the day we’ve been getting ready for, and is usually seen as the time to take a break from the insanity, reconnect with family and friends, and wrap up the current year.  For retailers, especially for automobiles, this is the calm before the storm.  The best deals of the season really aren’t on Black Friday or Cyber Monday – they’re usually found during the last week of the calendar year.

But this is also a time to prepare for the coming year, which is why so much “current year” activity this week can lead to starting next year already behind. When January starts, Catholic Schools Week comes up fast for Catholic schools, and many Christian schools are starting to re-enroll students.  Perhaps tomorrow, before you take advantage of stocking up on gift wrap for next year, take some time to open the calendar and plot some milestones over your morning cup of coffee or tea. If you haven’t figured it out yet, marketing is a year-round activity, so while it’s important to rest, you can never stop.

There’s an adage in the sales world – “If a shark stops swimming, it dies.” Even Jesus told us to “Be alert,” since we do not know the hour of His return.  As we celebrate His nativity today, let us be ever mindful that we can be called to meet Him at any point in time, so make the most of the time God has given to us…and rejoice.

Merry Christmas!

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