As schools prepare for the coming school year (If you just thought, “Wait a minute…we still have half a year to go” when you read the first 8 words of this “Marketing Matter,” visit this link), as well as the special preparations that Catholic schools are making for next week’s “Celebrate Catholic Schools” events, we need to remember that it’s not just a celebration relegated to “Catholic School Week.”  We celebrate with each other not only when we worship, but “wherever two or three are gathered” in His name.

We also know that we are in communion with the all those around the world who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith as part of the mystical Body of Christ.

While it’s true that Catholic schools are not necessarily a “School System,” they are certainly a “System of Schools.”  Some schools have developed relationships with “Sister Schools” in other parts of the world, while schools in certain regions share resources with each other.  This demonstrates not only cooperation, but good stewardship as well.

Our marketing efforts serve to educate our communities relative to our schools’ “uniqueness”es, remarkable qualities, and strengths. Each school has its own “remarkabilities” which need to be celebrated.  But just as the early Christian community supported one another because of their unity with Christ, we need to remember that we need to support one another.

A “win” for us is a “win” for all of us; a “loss” for us is a “loss” for all of us.  Our command is to build up the Body of Christ – not survive by scavenging enrollment from each other, but to invite, involve and engage more people in our mission.

If one school fails, all schools fail.  If one school succeeds, it needs to share those successes (and how they were achieved) with other schools so they too can succeed.  It’s the essence of “community.”

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