A number of years ago, I attended my nephew’s Spring Musical at the public high school he attended along with the rest of my family. Naturally, we purchased a program since it was his senior year, and he had one of the lead roles. His performance was outstanding – to the point that his curtain call brought much of the audience to their feet.

After the show, I was looking through the program, full of show credits, acknowledgements, and advertisements from family members congratulating their children, as well as well wishes from local businesses.

But one advertisement struck me – in this program for a production taking place at a public high school was a half-page ad for a local Christian school.

Now how bold is that?

But it makes sense. The people coming to the show are friends and family members of the cast. Although they may be from the same school district, there’s a good chance they’re not. My family traveled over an hour to get to the school, but the majority of the attendees probably live within a 15 mile radius of the school district…which is within the marketing area of this Christian school.

So when the local public high school band is having its festival and seeking ad sponsors, or is putting on its spring musical, you might want to place an ad in their program.  Consider your audience for the ad: parents, relatives who may have pre-school children in the district and are considering their options, and their friends who may also have young children.

Sounds like the perfect marketing vertical for your school to me!

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