September: CHANGE

Fall begins this month, and Fall is the season of CHANGE. That’s a very special word when it comes to […]

Where Are You Now, Where Do You Want To Be, and How Will You Get There?

In the most simplistic terms, these are the three steps involved in the strategic planning process.  The questions asked in […]

Tuition Is NOT a Charitable Contribution

In my work as a FACTS representative, I once visited a school interested in using FACTS’ Actively Managed Payment Plans […]

Scaffolding and Co-operative Marketing

Scaffolding is an educational term – the processes of building new knowledge based on concepts that have already been learned. […]

Share Ideas

This week’s entry completes another round of the five aspects of Advancement, focusing on Development. It’s an easy one – […]

Mentor Families

This is the second in a series of three Marketing Matters designed to help build and strengthen the community known […]

August: How Long Will Parents Wait For a Decision To Be Made?

I was thinking of calling this article “IH82W8,” which I once saw as the license plate of the automobile ahead […]

“Your School’s Responsive Web Sites” Are Now “A Site and an App”

Publishing articles once a week about Advancement and “how it works,” I’ve found not only is a mind a terrible […]

August: Enrollment Is Sales

If you’ve been a visitor to the site over the past 15 years or so, you’ll recall that one […]

The “Back To School” Picnic

This is the first of three Marketing Matters that will focus on building community in your school. “Community” is defined […]