Word of Mouth Marketing – Part 2

You know that the most powerful marketing strategy is Word of Mouth.  Not only is it the most effective, it’s the […]

Pay It Forward

Let’s start another round of the five items that comprise Advancement so you can continue to work on each a […]

Mission, Vision and Case: Three Statements For You to Review

I’ve spoken with some schools that have said the past few Marketing Matters have been a bit bolder than they […]

The Connectedness of Advancement and the Resultant Vortex

Sounds like the title of a Dave Matthews Band album, doesn’t it?  (You know, The Resultant Vortex would be a […]

Change…or DIE: Part 2

Since the article “Change or DIE” was the cover story of FAST COMPANY Magazine fifteen years ago, perhaps we should […]

April: The Importance of Offering Parents Customized Payment Plans

Remember when “swiping” was a bad thing?  20 years ago, if someone swiped a card, that meant someone didn’t pay […]

If I Had a Million Dollars (If I Had a Million Dollars)

Remember that song from the group who called themselves the Barenaked Ladies? Every time I hear someone mention “a million […]

April: Where’s the Door?

I visit hundreds of schools every year.  Some schools were built during the 1930’s, and have been extensively remodeled to […]

Change…or DIE!

About fifteen years ago, one of the principals’ meetings in the Diocese for which I was working at the time […]

Your School is a Community – NOT a Group of Individuals

The decision to enroll a child in your school is an emotional one.  Logically, school administrators know it is the […]