I found an article some time ago on LinkedIn, authored by Joel Peterson, the Chairman of JetBlue Airways.  While it provides excellent advice for organizations of any kind and their leaders, what caught my attention were the five – not three, not ten, but five – thoughts to help avoid the wrong path to the top.  After reading it, it occurred to me that these concepts aren’t taught in the classroom, but they can be learned and reinforced in the classroom (K-12 and Higher Education) so that they can be practiced in the workplace.

If learning is relegated to cyberspace, individual achievement is certainly possible, but a social setting is necessary to learn how to play nice with others.

Knowing you might not be able to read it if you’re not a member of LinkedIn, I found another source for the article so you can link to it.  http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865589325/Don7t-take-the-wrong-paths-to-power.html?pg=1

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