As the school year begins to wind down, activities begin to “wind up” – graduations, awards presentations, concerts, and don’t forget the field trips! Activities are also in full swing for next year…financial aid consultations, registrations, and on-going budget planning. With all this activity, today’s offering gives a synopsis of one of SchoolAdvancement’s articles about marketing.

How important is marketing to the success of a school? After all, isn’t “Word of Mouth” the best type of marketing out there? Indeed, “Word of Mouth” is the best.  But remember, there is positive Word of Mouth and negative Word of Mouth – both are successful from a purely marketing standpoint, since marketing’s goal is to change a mindset and spur an individual to take action. Positive Word of Mouth can help to grow enrollment quickly, while negative Word of Mouth can accelerate a school toward its closure.

Marketing is part of a process that is at the “heart” of your school’s advancement efforts – it is what leads to all four of the other advancement elements – enrollment, retention, asset management and development – and all those elements lead back to marketing. This realization leads to another: the different constituencies which impact your school must be communicated with differently.

The full article is located in the “Articles” section of the SchoolAdvancement site.  Visit this link to access it.

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