As the school year begins to wind down, activities begin to “wind up” – graduations, awards presentations, concerts, and don’t forget the field trips! Activities are also in full swing for next year…financial aid consultations, registrations, and budget planning. With all this activity, it can be difficult to make use of a “marketing matter,” or, for that matter, even look at one right now.  So, today’s article gives a synopsis of one of’s articles about marketing.

If you’ve looked for information regarding marketing, you may have discovered that marketing is a major course of study housed in an institution of higher learning’s school of business. Marketing (and its concepts like positioning, branding and market share) are of major significance to corporations and businesses. Even schools bring in consultants specializing in marketing to help them with this task…which is why many schools don’t “do” marketing. They think they can’t afford the expertise…even though marketing, in a nutshell, is everything and anything a school does to make its presence known to its target audiences.

While a consultant may be very necessary to help market your school, realize the educators in your school possess the background that marketing requires…educators just work with a different audience. Teachers in Catholic, Christian and other faith-based and private schools educate children, whose minds are open to new ideas and absorb information like sponges when they are interested in the material that’s being taught. Marketers have to do the same thing with adults…whose minds may not be as open to new ideas and concepts. Both jobs have their challenges – but both teachers and marketers are trying to reach the same goal.

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