For those of you that were (or still are) fans of “Star Trek,” you know where that word was spoken – in the transporter room.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have that kind of technology available today? We’ve bypassed the flip “communicator” technology already – we called them cell phones, and today, most of them are just a glass screen (unless it’s a foldable screen).  They’re not only cell phones, either.  They’re “mobile devices.”  I guess there aren’t that many folk who are comfortable knowing they’re carrying a computer in their pocket, purse or backpack.

As we make our final preparations for the coming of Christmas, we may think that getting somewhere faster could really be a help to our preparations. And, during this time of year, we aren’t really in need of more information about Advancement (although end-of-the-year gifts could still be coming your way, and ideas for new appeals will surface at any time).

Many of us are preoccupied with visitations and celebrations, especially how we’re going to do them when COVID, flu, and RSV infections and hospitalizations are on the rise.

Indeed, there are times when we need to slow down in order that we can rev ourselves back up again (just like the economy needs to do every now and then), and, in many ways, this is one of those times.  In order for respiration to occur, we must inspire (breathe in), and expire (breathe out).  It’s interesting how both of those words have different, more commonly understood definitions today.

This week, let’s remember the words of Thomas Merton: “There are times when in order to keep ourselves in existence at all we simply have to sit back for a while and do nothing.”

So be still.

He comes to us in silence.

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