While sorting through my computer, I found an article I had written several years ago but never posted.  After reviewing before deleting it, I thought that even though the article referenced is now 14 years old, schools are STILL having difficulties raising funds, so the texts and comments are still valid today, especially due to the tax laws which have have a detrimental effect on the deductibility of charitable giving, the enduring effects of the pandemic, and the consumer price index with continuing recession potential:


Not only will philanthropy be impacted because of the lack of resources, but in the next few years, members of Generation X will be the traditional “targets” of appeals as the members of the Great and Silent Generations age and pass away and the Baby Boomers begin to do the same.

If we as school leaders thought getting the “Me” Generation to realize the importance of fiscal responsibility and paying tuition was difficult, that’s NOTHING compare to how difficult it will be to be engaged with and contribute to worthwhile causes!

As for the article, it speaks of optimism in India, perhaps because of the support jobs that have gone there, as well as to other countries around the world.

A friend of mine called United Airlines recently to make reservations to Sheboygan (Wisconsin).  The person he was speaking with said, “Wait, let me get my atlas to see exactly where that is…it’s in Alabama, correct?”

More recently, I called a credit card company requesting an address to where an additional payment could be sent, rather than doing an online transaction that had a fee associated with doing so.  The customer service representative told me the city was “Sigh-Ooks City” – then he spelled it…S-I-O-U-X…

Pardon me, but that’s pronounced “Soo” City.

If this is what’s meant by “world class service,” we need another name for what comes to mind when we think about “outstanding service.”

And, speaking of finances, banks need to stop sending surveys to ask how my experience was when withdrawing funds from an ATM.

We can talk all we want about educating our children for jobs that don’t exist yet, but we also need to be mindful that businesses play a large role in shaping mindsets to create hope for the future.