Today, faith-based and private schools need to do three things to succeed financially:

1) Fill every desk,

2) Seek outside sources for funds, and

3) Use a 21st century revenue strategy

But 1) and 2) are long-term solutions, so schools have found that marketing will help them to achieve those goals.  But marketing is not a short-term goal since there must be analysis of a school’s strengths and opportunities, and a plan must be developed for maximum effectiveness.  Therefore, what can schools do RIGHT NOW to help them form a firm financial foundation?  1) Use a 21st century revenue strategy with tools that enable it to collect virtually all tuition and fees, and 2) Keep the enrollment it already has as the first step to growing enrollment.

Higher education experts say it takes five times the amount of resources to find new students than it does to maintain current students.  This text is possibly the first of its kind to offer reasons why retention in the K-12 faith-based and private school sector is difficult today, as well as a dozen strategies to help strengthen your school community.  Visit to order your copy.