“Next” Practices are Different From “Best” Practices

Everyone can point to some “Best Practices” they follow.  For instance, in the field of automotive sales, it’s a best practice for […]

Shift: A Strategy “Geared” to Solidify School Finances

The eBook is now available at http://www.lulu.com/shop/mike-ziemski-med/shift-a-strategy-geared-to-solidify-school-finances/ebook/product-21320559.html.  You can download it and open the file with your Nook, Kindle, Computer, iBooks, or […]

Marketing: A 12-Step Plan to Increase Inquiries to Your School

Most schools believe that their marketing strategies and techniques should be measured by how well enrollment increases at the school. […]

Retention: A Systems Approach to Growing Enrollment

Today, faith-based and private schools need to do three things to succeed financially: 1) Fill every desk, 2) Seek outside […]

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In the spirit of “Next Practices” when it comes to Web design (responsive, white space, pictures, icons as links and […]

Why a Tetrahedron?

A tetrahedron is a commonly called a three-sided pyramid, even though it has four sides.  Each side is an equilateral […]